Visual Representation of Power in Paintings (L4) – Project Plan

This project plan is an estimation of major milestones that have to be achieved during the Spring semester 2014, particularly in 3.5 months from 17.02.2014 to 30.05.2014. During the project implementation, periodic discussions with project advisor, Prof. Frederic Kaplan, and supervisor, Giovanni Colavizza, will be maintained in order to keep track of the progress, solve ongoing issues and evaluate milestones’ deliverables.

The project is divided into 5 major milestones, in which the first two are dedicated for the two elaboration phases: Data Selection and Data Organization. Afterwards, there will be 3 sprints for the last two execution phases: Data Analysis and Website Implementation, which occur iteratively and result in 3 equivalent deliverables at the end of each sprint. Documentation, especially, is conducted every week to record the progressive pace as well as prepare for final project report.

The detailed plan is presented below:

17.02.2014: Project starts

Week 1-3 (17.02 – 09.03): Data Selection

  • Collecting artwork, author information and time
  • Researching about power organization of Venice
  • Deliverable: At least 10 paintings with sufficient information about authors, time, etc. are selected

Week 4-6 (10.03 – 30.03): Data Organization

  • Categorizing and structuring gathered data
  • Building database and populating data
  • Deliverable: Complete database with data allocated appropriately

Week 7-8 (31.03 – 13.04): Implementation 1

  • Outlining visualization ideas
  • Selecting basic data and implementing simple visualization
  • Initializing web application structure
  • Deliverable: simple visualization of one prominent painting; web application architecture design

Week 9-10 (14.04 – 04.05 including Easter Holiday): Implementation 2

  • Adding more data to the visualization in Implementation 1
  • Implementing more visualizations for other paintings
  • Publishing visualization on website
  • Deliverable: Complex visualizations of at least 2 paintings, and those can be publicly accessed on the project’s website

Week 11-12 (05.05 – 18.05): Implementation 3

  • Improving quality of the visualizations produced in Implementation 2 (esp. according to feedback from professor/advisor)
  • Generalizing the visualization model in an abstract way
  • Republishing all the work on website
  • Deliverable: Complete sophisticating visualizations of at least 3 paintings; a generalized methodology to be applied for other paintings in the future; all the visualizations are accessible on project’s website

Week 13-14 (19.05 – 30.05): Project finalization

  • Summarizing results
  • Evaluating project outcomes
  • Deliverable: complete version of the visualization project; final project report

30.05.2014: Project ends

Here is the visualized plan for the project:


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