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3D reconstruction of a Venetian Palace of the 14th Century – Step2: Implementation of the data collected in Sketchup

Our project aims to restitute a typical Venetian Palace of the Italian Renaissance. With the support of Stefania Coccato, art and historical expert from Ca’ Foscari university of Venice, we decided to work on the 3D reconstruction of Niccolò da Carrara’s Palace. As the latter was destroyed, our angle is to model as accurately as possible the essence of typical patrician houses of the period, particularly their interior. The final product should be playful and understandable by the biggest range of people. Its purpose is educational.

The second step of the project consists in implementing on sketchup the data collected up to now. As the data gathering is very complex due to the lack of information during the 14th century, we are still collecting additional data throughout the modeling phase.

Finding the different objects present in a typical bedroom was the first step, but we then had to find where to put them and how people organized and placed them in their room. From the room inventory we had previously obtained, we started to sketch by hand the room of Nicolo da Carrara in order to have an idea before modeling it in Sketchup. It allowed us to have a simple feedback from Stefania Coccato, our expert advisor. Here is our drawing, please take in account that it is not the definitive form, for example, we learnt later that the books were not stored in a library but in a chest. That is why in our first modeling draft you will not see bookshelves.


As you can see on the bottom of the drawing, we are still trying to find some information like the dimensions of the room, or the materials and textures. Please notice that any help from our readers on these subjects would be a great pleasure to hear.

After discussing with our colleagues, we decided to finally model it on Sketchup. As we did not have experience on this type of software, we first spent some time to handle the basic operations of Sketchup. First, we designed the structure of the building based on the following plan:


As you can see, we still have to add some details, like the stairs in the patio and doors to access to the rooms.


To respect the topic of our project, we now have to focus on the room. We already implemented elements like the four-poster bed, a chest and the tapestry. We designed the windows according to different painting from the 14th. A lot of elements are yet missing, like the pillows, furniture to pray, and the other element we will find.


The next steps are to finish the structure, fill the room, and then find the good approach to simulate a visit in the palace using the Unity3D software.


Antoine Poncelin de Raucourt

Mateo Dugand

Nicolas de Raemy