Posters/Demo Sessions – Wednesday May 27th, 2015

  • The Poster/Demo presentation with take place at the basement of CO buildings (CO 094.35) from 4pm to 7pm.
  • You can do a Poster or a Demo+a Poster (but not only a demo).
  • The goal of the poster is to present synthetically and graphically your project and its results. It should act as a visual support for your explanations.
  • The jury will be composed of Luc Meier (resp. Under One Roof), Patrick Jermann (executive director of Moocs at EPFL), Isabelle Vonèche (Historian), Isabella di Lenardo (Art Historian) and Frédéric Kaplan.
    • The jury will check each poster one by one. The presenters should explain the poster/demo in 5 minutes and answer the questions of jury.
    • The jury will judge the quality/originality of research presented (1/3) and the quality of the poster/demo (1/3) and the clarity of your oral explanation (1/3)
    • In addition, the jury will vote for the 3 best posters/demos.
  • The poster (size A0, vertical) will need to be prepared in advance and sent to the reprography ( at the latest on Wednesday 20th. You can send your file by mail to, or go directly to the reprography with your USB key. In both case, mention the name of the course – MA Digital Humanities – and the name of Alicia Foucart, my secretary. You don’t have to pay anything.

Some technical advice on how to make a good poster :

Good luck 🙂