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Enriching the timemap

Edit by C.B.: To view the demo, access this blogpost with its direct link.

The last couple of weeks have been dedicated to the enrichment of the Timemap presented in the previous article, which now consists of about forty events. I focused on the Domini di Terraferma, which represent the continental expansion of the Venetian Empire. In particular, the reconquest of the Dalmatia region, lost by the Venetians in 1358, was treated in detail. This loss of territory had an unexpected consequence. Since it was part of the original data, it was not possible to simply toggle off its display on the map without identifying precisely of which polygons it consisted (over a set of more than 200). The solution was thus to toggle off the display of the whole initial data, and to create new polygons for the city of Venice and the Istria region. At this point, the initial effort to extract the Euratlas data seems almost irrelevant. In retrospect, it would have been possible to start with a blank map, adding events as the project was developed. However, comparing the snapshots of the Venetian Empire made every Century with my timemap was a useful process in pointing me to the necessary additions.

Determining the boundaries of the Dominions on the north of the city of Venice proved more difficult. The shape of the Empire changed many times and rather rapidly over the course of thirty years. Furthermore, several cities, like Crema and Cremona, went back and forth between a Venetian control and the rule of the Milanese. The Euratlas data, corresponding to the outermost of boundaries of these states, is only provided at the beginning of each Century and was of no use. In this region, I used this map as an approximation of the boundaries of interest. One should, however, consider it carefully as it has been proved to be wrong in the Dalmatia region, and some dates indicated do not match those of other sources. I nevertheless decided to include these divisions for visualisation purposes, at it allowed me to link an event (the conquest of a city) to a part of the Venetian Empire. As previously, the sources of the descriptions and dates chosen to represent the historical events are indicated in the source code of the timemap. The dates indicated in the timemap correspond to the final time at which Venetians secured the territory. Most of these continental Dominions, as well as Dalmatia, remained under control of the Serenissima until the surrender of the city to Napoleon, in 1797.

The timeline is presented below in its final form. Various adjustments have been performed since the last presented version and, as mentioned above, many events have been added. The upper part of the timemap has also been reworked. One can now see the whole titles of events, and select them more easily, as they are now all displayed in this upper part.

Timemap of the Venetian Empire

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