Interactive Graphs using D3.js

D3.js integration walkthrough: 1. Upload your datas in CSV or JSON format in the Media section. 2. Create a new post. Switch your interface from Visual to Text mode: 3. Basic syntax: 4. Cross-reference your data file URL in the javascript...

Use Tables in your blogposts

1. (If it is hidden) you'll have to display the "Kitchen Sink" toolbar of the Visual Editor : 2. Click  on the button shown below to create a new table: 3. Type in the initial parameters of your table (you can change them afterwards if needed): ...

External pages embedding

The basic syntax for pages embedding is very simple: just add the following code to your page, and replace the URL by the one you want to embed. This will work with most webpages, videos or maps.
The resulting page...

Math Formulas

You can type your LaTeX formulas directly in your blogposts provided you surround them by  tags:    [latex]x_n = \sqrt{a+b} Wordpress will do the rendering for you.